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My Twitch Channel Points and Viewer Spawns Overview

Hours Played

4,000+ (September, 2021)

Class Preference

Engineer, Gunner, Scout, Driller

Mission Preference

Mining Expedition, Egg Hunt, Elimination, Salvage Operation, Point Extraction, Escort Duty, On-site Refining

Biome Preference

Fungus Bogs, Sandblasted Corridors, Magma Core, Crystalline Caverns, Hollow Bough, Salt Pits, Radioactive Exclusion Zone, Azure Weald, Dense Biozone, Glacial Strata

Mutator Warning Preference

Exploder Infestation, Cave Leech Cluster, Low Oxygen, Parasites, Regenerative Bugs, Mactera Plague, Haunted Cave, Lethal Enemies, Shield Disruption

Mutator Anomaly Preference

Critical Weakness, Rich Atmosphere, Low Gravity, Double XP, Volatile Guts, Mineral Mania, Golden Bugs, Gold Rush

Buff Drink Preference

Rocky Mountain, Dark Morkite, Slayer Stout, Skull Crusher Ale, Red Rock Blaster, Tunnel Rat, Pots of Gold, Backbreaker Stout

Gag Drink Preference

Blackout Stout, Flintlocke's Delight, Blackreach Blonde, Smart Stout, Wormhole Special, Seasoned Moonrider, Malt Rockbearer, Underhill Deluxe, Mactera Brew, Gut Wrecker, Burning Love, Arkenstout, Blacklock Lager

Machine Event Preference

Ebonite Mutation, Kursite Infection, Tritilyte Crystal, Omen Modulator Exterminator

Secondary Objective Preference

Boolo Cap, Apoca Bloom, Fester Flea, Dystrum, Hollomite, Gunk Seed, Ebonut, Alien Fossil

Crafting Mineral Preference

Jadiz, Enor Pearl, Croppa, Bismor, Umanite, Magnite

Bonus Resource Preference

Compressed Gold, Bittergem, ERR://23¤Y%/ Error Cube, Tyrant Shard

Grenade Launcher vs Breach Cutter

I just have a thing for shotguns and grenade launchers in video games. The breach cutter is very powerful but i find it to be a boring weapon to use with how it just melts enemies compared to the grenade launcher that explodes and sends bodies flying everywhere.

Turret on platforms

I place the turret on a platform to raise its point of view so it has a better shooting angle. I then sometimes break the platform apart to reload the turret easily and so it doesn't block my movement at all.

This is the page for Deep Rock Galactic. Here you can find mods for the game made by others and also upload mods yourself.

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